Monday, 20 March 2017

"Tom Saweyer´s adventures" Mark Twain


The name of the book        "Tom Saweyer´s adventures"
The author                             Mark Twain
This book is  about a child from a rural village this name is Tom Sawyer.
Tom and his friends, Huck and Joe, have a lot of adventures looking for treasures.
His Aunt Polly was always angry with him and she grounded him daily.
But Tom has a good spirit and we can see it throughout the story.This acts as a hero when he saves Muff Potter.He was being sentenced to death.Tom told the truth when he accused the Indian Joe of the murder of that man.The Indian Joe hid a treasure that was found by Tom.
In addition,Tom found the love of his  life Becky Teacher with her he had a great adventure inside a cave. They got  lost inside and they took a long time to get out.
In my opinion, this is a very funny story, sometimes it is intriguing and also with sentimental values.